The Street Fighter series has always been fun to play. They have completed many childhoods throughout gaming generations. On the day of the Nintendo 3DS’s launch, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition was released as a launch title. Ryu and the gang took fighting to a whole new level. That level is glasses-free 3D in the palms of your hands. When I played this game for the first time, I was amazed. You can really see the depth of the characters as they kick and punch until one of them gets a K.O.

But every game has some problems. There really isn’t a story, there are few modes, (arcade mode, multiplayer mode, player vs computer mode, and multiplayer wifi mode.) and the street pass feature doesn’t work well.  You’d have to be in a high populated area if you really want to have street pass fights. You’d have to go to somewhere like New York City or Tokyo or a Street Pass event. The game can really get boring after a short period of time.

Okay, now you’re probably going to want to know what is good out of this game. Well the graphics are smooth for one. It’s not very pixaly. But every punch, kick, or ulta combo looks very well detailed. The voices are good and not “corny” ones like Super Mario Sunshine. The 3D fighters look fantastic.

Out of all of the bad and good of this game, I have given Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition a 7.5/10 .